Friday, December 14, 2012

Urgent Prayer Needed For Northern Thailand - Dec 15, 2012



Many of you know that we live in a part of the world where less than 1 out of every 100 people know Jesus as their personal Savior. We believe God wants many of these precious people to come to know Jesus this Christmas season, but we need your help to do that. Many of the events that we have been planning require your help and we are asking that each of you help in one or all of 3 ways:

1) Please Help By Praying . . .
Pray for our planning process that God would guide us to do what He wants us
to do and say what He wants us to say. Pray that we would "seize the day" as the Christmas season is the most natural time of the year for us to talk about the message of our great Savior. Pray for our awesome staff and team. Pray for those who we partner with in ministry. Pray for the thousands of people who will hear the message through our very words this year. Here are some of our planned events. Some have already happened and some are in process.
December 1 - Children's ESL Christmas Outreach
God has given us great access into our community through teaching English. We teach English to not only young people and adults but also to children. We teach about 50 children grades 1-6 every Saturday morning and we had an awesome time helping these precious ones celebrate Christmas. Pray that God would draw these little hearts to Him.

December 8 - Thai Church Children Christmas Celebration
- God has given us great access to several children's homes that are a vital part of our church family and give us a special opportunity to love on kids that come from very difficult family backgrounds. Please pray for God's blessings on Baan CFPM, Baan Eden, Baan Happy Home, and Baan Oon Rak and for the precious children and staff. Pray that we would continue to be a church family that loves people the way Jesus loves people and takes the love of Jesus into our community.

December 15 - Baan Athitaan Church's Main Christmas Evangelistic Program

We have decorated the church and as I write this, it is already the morning of Dec 15 here in Thailand and we have dozens of people here getting all the preparations in order for our program tonight. Please pray for a special touch from God. The theme is "Miracle of Love" and we have skits, dramas, music, a time to share the message of Christmas, and an evangelism booth. We want to be used of God to bring people closer to God and lead some even to the throne of Grace tonight. Please pray for us.

December 21 - Thai Youth Group Christmas Celebration
- We are blessed to be located very close to two universities in our city. We have always had a huge heart for reaching these young people and we will have a chance to bless them in a special way this year. Pray that God would bless these future leaders of Thailand. Pray for all of us who are involved in discipleship of these future leaders.

December 22 Morning - HIV/AIDS Christmas Outreach
- There are 30 young children and their families that are HIV infected that we try to minister to in a special way. This year, the hospital that we work with has asked us to host a Christmas celebration for them at the hospital. We are expecting to share the love and message of Jesus with over 100 people who are either infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Please pray that many would open their hearts to Jesus this year.

December 22 Evening - Christmas Caroling Outreach
- We will be going around in our community to various businesses and shops that we frequent, as well as some church members homes and singing Christmas carols.  

2) Please Help By Giving . . .
We are wanting to provide good quality evangelistic programs that touch the heart. We do not consider these "expenses" per se but rather "investments" into the lives of people for the Kingdom and glory of God. We are asking God to sell a few cows and send $6,000 to $10,000 to NTIM. Please prayerfully consider giving a donation to NTIM to help us cover our evangelism outreaches. Your financial investments allow us to be your hands and feet 24-7 here in the heart of the 10-40 Window.
3) Please Help By Telling Others Of This Opportunity To Help.
Many want to give in a special way at Christmas to a special cause that will really make a difference in people's lives. However, they just don't know where there is a need. This may be an opportunity for you to help your family and your friends know where their donation can make a huge difference for Jesus.
We are excited about all that God is doing on this side of the world and thanking God for each of you and your partnership with us for the sake of the gospel.  

Your Servants to the Nations in and around Northern Thailand for Jesus sake,
Michael for the family and the NTIM Team  

"...Behold, I bring you good news of a great joy which shall be for all the people; for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:10-11
What is NTIM?
NTIM is a non-profit charitable organization with 501(C)(3) in the USA committed to connecting people in need with people who care. We are focused on the heart of Southeast Asia where poverty is high, education is low, needs are great, darkness is everywhere, and the love and message of Jesus is needed to transform lives.
There are 6 key things that NTIM does: 1) partner with churches to send "laborers" into the heart of the 10-40 window, 2) builds bridges to the lost through teaching English, 3) network with and assist children's homes in providing a church family for children at high risk of being trafficked, 4) care for those affected by HIV/AIDS,  5) make disciples, train nationals and facilitate church planting, and 6) coordinate the use of short term volunteers in Northern Thailand.  
On our own, we each can make a difference in the world, but collectively as a team we are a force for good that exponentially surpasses what we can do alone. You can make a difference by sending your donations to NTIM, P.O. Box 26115, Birmingham, AL  35260 USA or by giving online at