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"Fluke" Gives Her Heart To Jesus - Update from Northern Thailand Oct 11, 2014

One of the great joys that God has graciously allowed me to experience on a regular basis is the joy of seeing 1st generation believers grow in their relationship with God and become true fishers of men and mentors for others. Jesus said in Matthew 4:19, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”

As I write this update, I am sitting at my desk thinking about all of the discipleship and mentoring that happens in and around our rented facility every single week. Today, I am rejoicing with the angels in Heaven over one Thai person who has recently given her heart to Jesus. I am specifically thinking about how many people have had an influence in her life and helped move her to the place where she was ready two weeks ago to give her heart to Jesus. 

God has given us great access to university students and God sent "Fluke" into our lives as best as I can remember somewhere around May of this year. Our relationship with Fluke started as a result really of having a young man named Holden from my home church at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Alabama here with us this Summer for about 6 weeks. One of our members of Baan Athitaan Church is also a Chinese professor at Mah Fah Luang University and Jinling asked Holden to come speak to one of the classes that Jinling was teaching. This class was filled with Freshmen from all over the country and since Holden was also a University student (is currently studying at University of Alabama where I also went to university) Jinling wanted Holden to share about life in the USA and life as a University Student with these students and to share his personal testimony of what it means to be a Christian. Fluke was in that initial group of students that heard Holden speak and wanted to know more.  

After that initial meeting, Fluke began to be introduced and began to hang out with several folks in our church including other volunteers like Caleb and Aubrey who came out with several of our friends and ministry partners who serve with ABWE that are active both in our language school and our church. Shortly after that in July we had our Annual Youth/College Camp where Fluke was very active and where Fluke became close to our Staff and began to feel much more connected with our church family and comfortable sharing her life with us. It was also during that time that we began to seek the Lord about putting the right staff in a mentoring role with these new college students and Fluke was placed under Ja’s care.

Since August, Ja and Fluke have been meeting together once a week for Bible study and prayer much like this picture here where Ja is meeting with another university student that she mentors. Fluke, unlike most of the university students we reach out to, is from a Christian family, but had never made a person decision to follow Jesus as her Savior ….. until 2 weeks ago. Two weeks ago, as Ja began to walk Fluke through the plan of salvation, it was clear that Fluke did not have a good grasp on the gospel and had never realized that the blood of Jesus needed to be applied to the doorpost of Fluke’s heart in the same way that the blood of the innocent lamb during the first Passover of the Exodus out of Egypt.

So, when Ja asked Fluke if she had ever given her heart to Jesus personally and applied the blood of Jesus to her heart, Fluke realized for the first time that she had never truly been born again and that being a Christian was not something you are given by your parents but something that each person must chose for themselves. Then when Ja asked Fluke if she wanted to become a born again follower of Jesus accepting Jesus payment on the cross for her sins, she said yes. And shortly after that, Fluke expressed her desire to become a child of God through prayer and gave her heart to Jesus and the Bible says that at the moment she believed her name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. The angels in Heaven are rejoicing as are those of us here in Northern Thailand who know and love Fluke.

Please remember to pray for Fluke. She is a freshman at Mae Fah Luang University here in Chiang Rai which means that, Lord willing, we will have her in our care around 4 years. Please pray that she would grow in her relationship with God and will learn to be a good follower of Jesus and and a great fisher of men.

Please also take a moment to pray for Ja who is Fluke’s mentor. Ja gave her heart to Jesus as a university student and shortly thereafter graduated and came on staff at our English language school as our accountant. She has served with us for about 12 years now. We began discipling Ja and helping her know how to grow in her relationship with the Lord shortly after she came on staff. She deeply loves the Lord and wants to serve Him with all her heart. Ja serves as one of our key mentors for new believers, as one of our staff at Baan Athitaan Church, as one of our staff at Grace Language School, and as one of our staff at Channel of Blessing Foundation which for all practical purposes is NTIM-Thailand. Today we would ask that you join us in praying for Fluke and for Ja and for NTIM’s work among the university students in Chiang Rai and our partnerhsip with the Clay Center of ABWE. 

Prayer Example: “Lord, thank You for loving us enough to send people into our lives to tell us about the gospel. We thank You for loving Fluke enough to send us and others into her life to tell her about the gospel. We thank You for loving Ja enough to send people into her life to tell her about the gospel. We thank You for Your great love and we ask You to fill our hearts with Your love and let it flow out freely to others.  

We want to take this moment and ask You to bless Fluke and Ja in a very special way. Help both of them to be the salt and light of Jesus in all that they do. We ask that You would be pleased to use both of them to help reach their families, friends, neighbors, their own people groups, as well as, other people groups.

We also want to thank You for the work of Grace Language School, Baan Athitaan Church, the Clay Center of ABWE, and the work of NTIM and how You are using them to impact Northern Thailand for Your kingdom purposes. We ask You to help those on the field to be faithful as they serve You each and every day. We pray that their lives would be filled with Your great love for the people in and around Northern Thailand. We pray that You would help them not lose focus of the main task of making disciples and being good fishers of men among the university students there in Northern Thailand. We ask that You continue to send more laborers into the fields to help them. We also pray that You would use us to help provide the funding that they need so that many others like Fluke can come to know Jesus in a personal way. We pray this in Jesus name.”  

Your Servants to the Nations in and Around Northern Thailand,

Michael for the Team


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