Monday, December 5, 2011

36 University Students Give Their Hearts To Jesus - Update Dec 5, 2011

Many of you have heard me say many times that the Christmas season seems to be the time of year when God chooses to move mightily in the hearts of people living here in the heart of Northern Thailand. As I sit and write this update for you, my heart is overjoyed that it is only December 5, and we have already played a small part in seeing 36 college students give their hearts to Jesus.
God has blessed our church in Northern Thailand – Baan Athitaan Church – with some people who love Jesus and who want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to bring others to saving faith in our Lord Jesus.
This last week we “kicked off” our Christmas evangelism season by decorating the church last Sunday and then working together to put together some booths for the Christmas program at Mae Fah Luang University (MFLU) on Wednesday night November 30th.
Several churches and organizations like Youth For Christ (YFC) were asked to work together with the Christian Club at MFLU this year to put on a Christmas program at the university. After lots of prayers, significant financial investments, and many hours of preparation and set up, we are very pleased to say that the Lord allowed us to play a small part in seeing 36 university students give their hearts to Jesus.
One of the things that we helped put together was a “maze” that people could walk through who wanted to know the whole story of Christmas. Various churches had taken certain “booths” that were along the maze that shared a certain part of the Christmas story with the final booths telling of the story Heaven, Hell, and ending with an Evangelism booth where we shared the gospel in a clear way and gave people an opportunity to make a decision. There were 77 people who wanted to hear the gospel presentation and 36 out of these 77 made decisions to invite Jesus into their hearts!!! We were so excited to hear the results and are thankful to God that He allowed us to be a small part of expanding His kingdom here in Northern Thailand.
Please join us and the angels in heaven who are rejoicing over the 36 who gave their hearts to Jesus this past week.
For those of you who follow our ministry closely, you know well that we live in a part of the world where there has been Satanic strongholds keeping people in darkness for thousands of years. But God is bringing His love and His light into this part of the world. God is moving in a way that we have never seen before reaching down into families where there has never been even 1 Christian believer in the family and through the power of the gospel of our Lord Jesus, God is changing lives.

We are wanting to provide good quality evangelistic programs that touch the heart. We do not consider these "expenses" per se but rather "investments" into the lives of people for the Kingdom and glory of God. Would you also join us and asking God to move in the hearts of His people to sell a few cows and send $6,000 to $10,000 to NTIM in the next few days so that we can prepare appropriately for some of these events?  Please prayerfully consider giving a donation to NTIM to help us cover our evangelism outreaches. Your financial investments allow us to be your hands and feet 24-7 here in the heart of the 10-40 Window and allows us to expand the kingdom in ways that we could not do without your partnership and support.

Your Servants to the Nations in and around Northern Thailand,

Michael for the team


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