Monday, September 2, 2013

Lighting Up Northern Thailand With God's Word - Update Sept 2, 2013

Many of you know that we live in a part of the world where less than 1 out of every 100 people know Jesus as their personal Savior. Northern Thailand has great outward beauty but most inwardly their hearts are crying out with pain and need to be embraced with the love of God and the truth found only in God’s Word.

Their hearts long to know the truth but most have never even once heard the message of Jesus. Who will join us and go and tell them? The good news is that the light of Jesus is beginning to shine brightly in this place. God is truly at work penetrating the hearts and lives of people with His love and with His Word.

Please remember to pray for us, our staff, our partners, our various ministries and for this awesome church family we call Baan Athitaan Church. Pray that God’s Word would continue to impact the hearts of people and draw them to Jesus and help us all become better fishers of men and better disciple makers.

For those of you who follow our ministry closely, you know well that we live in a part of the world where there has been Satanic strongholds keeping people in darkness without the knowledge of Jesus for thousands of years. Like each of my awesome staff, most of the people whom we see come to Christ are either the first person in their entire family to know Jesus or they are in the first generation of people who are embracing Christ.  God is moving and desires to reach the whole family and He is doing just that … one heart at a time. God is truly changing lives through the power of His Word.

God is moving and we are pleading with you to keep praying. Please remember to pray for Baan Athitaan Church and all the teaching and discipleship ministry that goes on every single week here in Northern Thailand.

You have heard me say on many occasions, one of the most significant things that I do while serving as God has shaped and gifted me is to faithfully, boldly, gently, and clearly teach God’s truth every Sunday morning to our church family that is made up of over 23 different people groups from all over the 10-40 Window and is also a mix of several international groups. Our desire has always been to plant a community purpose driven church that welcomes every ethnic group of people that comes through our doors and not segregate their ability to serve based on ethnicity or nationality but based upon gifting, calling, and heart. We are truly becoming a vibrant and active community church and I believe we have the blessing of God upon us  at this time …… in this place ….. and for His purposes and His glory.

Just this last Sunday I shared a message on how to receive the blessing from God’s Word. I shared the message in English and Pii Phet – one of our awesome staff – translated it into Thai. If you would like to listen or if you know a Thai person or anyone else for that matter that would like to hear it, you can click on the link to hear the audio version.

Reaching, Teaching, Discipling, Equipping, Training, and Serving people in the heart of South East Asia through acts of love and compassionate and through the teaching of God’s Word is what NTIM and our ministry team is all about.

Jesus said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

Your Servants to the Nations in and around Northern Thailand,

Michael for the team

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