Thursday, March 30, 2017


God is opening some incredible doors for us here in Northern Thailand and we are just brave enough and have enough faith and confidence in God to join God in what He is doing. We are called to be the salt and light of our Lord Jesus and we are pleased to be a small part of what God is doing in this part of God’s World.

Today we simply want to thank you for your prayers and for your support and want to give you and update on an exciting time here at Grace Language School.

As we have shared with you before, God is using our primary platform of Grace Language School in a strategic way to reach our community. As current facility is within a 10 kilometer radius of two universities that teach over 30,000 students.

Not only do we have a strong outreach ministry to university students, children in the community, but we are at a tipping point and becoming known throughout the community. Many of the volunteer teams that have come out over the past 10+ years have helped us become fairly known in the community and we are beginning to do training in places we never even thought about before.

Just last Saturday, we were asked to go and provide Basic English Conversation training for about 50-60 government officers who work in a school for children who are disabled here in Chiang Rai. Our daughter Liz & Pii Phet took one station, Our son-in-law Dallas & Pii Boom took another station, and Michael & Pii Jay took the third station. It was great being in the community helping our community develop their English language skills and being the light of Jesus in our community as a team from Grace Language School. 

Hope was not able to be with us but was involved in an orphan/widow community project and Pii Ja was holding down the fort along with some of our university students teaching at our normal Saturday ESL program at church. Here are a few more pictures of our Teaching Time.

God is continuing to open doors and allow us the opportunity to go into and engage our community for the sake of the advancement of His kingdom. Thank you for praying and supporting us at Grace Language School and through NTIM as our partners. God is using your partnership with us to advance of His kingdom in Thailand.

As we have shared with you before, over the last 18 years of living in Thailand and especially since we moved to Northern Thailand some 16 years ago, we have seen literally hundreds and hundreds of people from this part of God’s world give their hearts to Jesus and many of them become the first person in their entire family to be a follower of Jesus. One of the significant touch points God has used over the years has been “Teaching English.” This is not a “front” to teach the Bible, no, we genuinely teach English with integrity. We saw God use “teaching English” through the Lighthouse Language Center that we helped establish while we were serving with the IMB.  We have also seen it on an even greater scale through Grace Language School which we helped establish while serving with NTIM. Many of you reading this update have been here and have personally helped move God’s work forward and we say thank you.

But we believe that we are just barely scratching the surface of impacting this part of God’s world for Jesus. We need your help to expand the kingdom of God for the glory of God. Will you join us as we join God in what He is doing now and what He wants to do in the future?

We need your prayers. We need your advocacy. We need your gifts and donations. We need you to come and help us. We need to fill the earth with the glory of God and insure that disciples are made of every unreached people group. I am convinced that we will be blessed in knowing that one day around the throne of God there will be people from many tribes and nations and unreached people groups that will be there because we choose to join God in His great work of redemption.

Prayer Example: “Lord, we have been reminded today of some of the ways You are at work building Your kingdom in Northern Thailand. We thank You for allowing us as partners in ministry to be a part of seeing many young people from various unreached people groups give their hearts to Jesus. We thank You for allowing us to see how You are using 1st generation believers to reach and disciple other 1st generation believers. We thank you for the partnership You have allowed to happen We thank You for Grace Language School and how you are using them to reach out not only to various Thai peoples but to Chinese peoples and Laotian peoples, and Burmese peoples and many others. We ask that You would send them many new people to study English and help those students be open and willing to build a relationship with these teachers that leads to the progress of the gospel and discipleship. Thank You for letting us be a part of Your great work of redemption in Northern Thailand. We pray this in Jesus name and for the sake of the expansion of His kingdom. Amen.”

Your Servants to the Nations in and Around Northern Thailand,

Michael for the Team

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