Sunday, March 20, 2016

Caleb's Oxbridge Studies Opportunity This Summer 2016

Greetings from warm and sunny Thailand. It is Sunday evening here. It has been an awesome day. As most of you know, one of the most important roles that I have here in Northern Thailand is serving as Pastor of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, church that started out as a house church in our home about 14 years ago. This morning we had somewhere over 200 people in attendance for worship.
Our church is called Baan Athitaan Church and is made up of over 23 different ethnic/language groups and is making a significant impact in this part of God’ world especially amongst the youth and university students. We had a great time of worship today with Garn leading our worship and then I shared a message from the Book of Hebrews on the life of Abraham. Here is a video of that message if you would like to listen to it. 

God is doing some great things in this part of God’s world and we will be updating you soon with regards to some of our plans to engage some of the least reached people groups in the world. 

But today, we wanted to share with our friends and supporters about a special opportunity that has come up for our youngest son Caleb to be able to go to the University of St. Andrews in Scotland to study this Summer. 

As many of you know, Caleb was born here in Thailand and turned 17 just a few days ago on March 10. Caleb has virtually lived all of his life here in Thailand. He is a junior at Chiang Rai International Christian School (CRICS) and loves learning. About two weeks ago, he received an acceptance letter from OxBridge Academic Programs to go to the University of St. Andrews in Scotland to study this Summer. 

OxBridge Academic Programs brings high school students from all over the world to study during the summer at outstanding universities in Europe and in the USA, such as Oxford, Cambridge, University of St. Andrews, UCLA, and more. Caleb applied for a scholarship to this program in hopes of studying Anatomy & Physiology and Marine Biology this summer. OxBridge graciously awarded him an Exceptional Merit Award which covers 50% of the cost of the whole program. Caleb is also applying for other scholarships to cover the remaining costs and has also set up a “go fund me” account where he has already raised $800 of the $5,000 needed to cover the balance of the costs for this Summer.

This is a chance for Caleb to not only to learn an incredible amount about the two subjects being studied, but also to study under some of the finest teachers and researchers in the world, and to learn how to interact with people who have completely different stories and completely different backgrounds. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and if the Lord is willing, we would like to see Caleb have this experience.

As most of you know, most missionaries just do not have lots of money stored away for their children’s education and after discussing this with other missionaries here, felt that as our supporters you might want to know about and have an opportunity to support Caleb in this educational endeavor this Summer. If God speaks to your heart and you would like to help, you can either go to the “go fund me” page that Caleb has set up, or give directly through NTIM and designate it for “Caleb’s Education” and we will make sure that it goes for this opportunity.

Thank you so much for your partnership with us as we share the love and light of Jesus with the millions in darkness in and around Northern Thailand.

Your Servants to the Nations in and Around Northern Thailand,

Michael for the Team
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