Monday, December 17, 2018

Day 17 - Celebrating Christmas With Intentionality to Reach the Lost - Dec. 15

DAY 17 – Celebrating Christmas With Intentionality To Reach the Lost – Dec 15, 2018

As I write this update, I am reflecting on all the events and the time of celebration we had with the community of Chiangrai this last Saturday. We prayed, planned, prayed some more, invited a partner church from Mississipi to come and help us, prepared, helped mobilize our church family, and anticipating this single largest evangelistic Christmas celebration of the year at Baan Athitaan Church…and then Saturday came.

What a great day it was filled with lots of love, joy, and peace as we celebrated the Birth of our Savior with somewhere between 400 and 500 people, some of them hearing the story of the Birth of our Savior for the very first time.

So very thankful for the cooperation of our church family in preparing some awesome food booths, some great skits and performances, and spending lots of hours getting set up before and then cleaning up afterwards.
Thankful for your support and faithful donations given so that we can reach and disciple 1st generation believers from some of the least reached peoples in our world today.

Thankful for the team from Gulfport, MS that came to help us. So very thankful for the chance to help God's people be intentional about joining God in what He wants to do in this part of God's World. We had somewhere between 400 to 500 people at our festivities and all of them got the chance to hear a very clear message of the "The Hope and Warmth of Christmas" by a very good friend and partner in Ministry Pastor Israel Cox. Please continue to pray for the seeds of the gospel that have been planted.

Some of you have Facebook and you can see all of our pictures by clicking on this link:  

For those who do not have Facebook, here are just a few pictures.

Prayer Example: “Lord, We want to begin our prayer with thanking you for the awesome opportunity that you have given to NTIM and to Baan Athitaan Church to celebrate Christmas and share the message of Jesus with many who have never heard and some from the least reached peoples in Asia. We thank you for raising up supporting churches like Crosspoint that want to join you in what you are doing. We pray that you will continue to work in the heart of those who heard the message of Jesus. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen”

Thank you for joining us in this SEASON OF PRAYER. Today is Day 17 of our Spiritual Adventure of getting to know and then actively praying for Northern Thailand Impact Ministry (NTIM) and all of the various unreached people group in and around Northern Thailand. Thank you for joining us for this great time of seeking the face of God on behalf of millions who have never heard the message of our Lord Jesus.

Until all the Thai people know Him, 

VP & Director of Field Operations for NTIM  

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