Friday, December 14, 2018

Reaching Thai Men Through Soccer Outreaach - Dec 14

DAY 16 – Reaching Thai Men Through Soccer Outreach – Dec 14, 2018

As I write this update it is actually the morning after our soccer outreach last night Dec 14, 2018. God has given us several platforms of reaching out into our community to advance the cause of Christ and one of those started many, many years ago and has continued to flourish. That platform is our soccer outreach platform. God has raised up 3 men that currently lead this ministry: Jay, Ball, and Glen. These men are involved in our soccer outreach each week but this was a very special time last night when we had about 50 men who are currently university students come out to our Christmas Tournament and have not only a great time, but got to hear two testimonies and hear the truth that the real meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ who would one day die on the cross for the sins of all mankind.

We are thankful that both Ahyaw – a young man that is active in our church here – and Nick – a young man active at our partner church from MS – were able to share their testimonies of how God changes lives.

We were so blessed to have a team from Gulfport, MS to share in what God is doing through our soccer ministry to these young men and future leaders.
Please keep us in your prayers as we reach out to some of the least reached people in our world today.

Also please remember to pray for our outreach tonight – it is at Baan Athitaan Church and will our largest single outreach event of the year.

If you have Facebook and would like to see our pictures from our Christmas outreach, just please click the type button 

Until all the Thai people know Him, 

VP & Director of Field Operations for NTIM  

Prayer Example: “Lord, We want to begin our prayer with thanking you for the awesome opportunity that you have given to NTIM and to Baan Athitaan Church to reach out to men at the university in their city. Thank you for the testimonies of both Ahyaw and Nick and may they be used to draw these men closer to you. We would ask that you open the hearts of everyone who hears and may we all be drawn coser to Jesus. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen.”

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